Utility Hydro –unit utility line

From standard installation to complete process optimization

Utility buildings and industrial applications often demand a deviation from standard installations; customisation that usually means long delivery times and high costs. But this is not necessarily the case for DP-Pumps. As market leader in the field of booster systems (in the Domestic market) , we have a range of high-quality and widely applicable Hydro-Units available - the Utility Line - alongside our other installations.

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  • Compact due to integrated return valves in the discharge bend
  • Durable stainless steel as standard
  • Flexible control panel set-up
  • Low-noise and anti-vibration mounting due to adjustable machine feet
  • Energy-efficient due to new generation pumps 
  • Intelligent interactive control


  • Industry
  • Utilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels


  • Deliverable with up to six pumps in all pump types  
  • Includes a break tank for safe separation of drinking and processed water
  • As a fire-fighting installation