Hydro -unit premium line

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Energy-saving with the conventional Hydro-Unit HR
The Hydro-Unit HR is the most energy-efficient solution of the conventional installations. The installation saves 60% of energy costs compared to a standard booster system. Adding an expansion tank membrane with modified volume makes optimal use of the necessary pump run time for installations.

Constant pressure with Hydro-Unit FR
The Hydro-Unit FR is equipped with the intelligent control module Megacontrol. This module, in combination with built-in frequency drives, ensures a constant pressure regardless of the demand for water. The advantage over the conventional fixed speed control is the low energy consumption. A saving of over 25% can be achieved. 


  • High-rise housing
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Industry


  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Compact, standardised construction
  • Satisfies NEN1006 and built in accordance with WB 4.3


  • Comes with break tank for safe separation of drinking and processed water
  • Equipped with speed regulation
  • Fully customised installations

DP-Control en Megacontrol

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