DPAS Series

Split case double suction centrifugal pump

HVAC efficient solutions for comfortable conditions
To be comfortable in a building, both at home and at work, an optimal climate control is important. This can only be achieved with modern Building Management Systems in combination with the right pumps, in order to get an efficient distribution of water. 

For a complete HVAC solution DP Pumps provides an extensive range of HVAC centrifugal (norm) pumps, Split case double suction centrifugal pumps, Mono-block centrifugal pumps and In-line centrifugal pumps.
Also a wide range of small circulator pumps for heating and hot water is available.

The range consists of four types:

  • DPNT Norm centrifugal pump
  • DPAS Split case double suction centrifugal pump
  • DPNL In-line centrifugal pump
  • DPNM Mono-block centrifugal pump

DPAS Split case double suction centrifugal pumps provide large capacity general HVAC service pumping. The DPAS series are reliable pumps with a highly sophisticated hydraulic design, but with a mechanical simplicity to make the pump easy to service.

Various material options (cast iron, bronze and stainless steel) and different seal constructions, make the pump suitable for many applications


General specifications:

Flow rate  

20 – 1.650 m³/hr


10 – 180 m

Operation pressure

10 Bar

Temperature range

 -20 – 120 gr. C

Motor speed range

1.450 – 2.900 rpm

Suction flange

DN 100 – DN 400

Discharge flange

DN 65 – DN 350


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