4” ST Plastic Impeller and Diffuser Pumps



Stairs 4" ST series of pumps are manufactured using high quality materials and are designed to deliver years of dependable service. Pumps are on the floating impeller design which reduces starting torque requirements and reduces the effects of sand in the water.

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Operating Limits

  • 50Hz
    • Capacity : max. 24 m3/h
    • Head : max. 289 m 
  • 60Hz 
    • Capacity max. 27.6 m3/h
    • Head : max. 389 m
    • Liquid temperature : 0゚C to+60゚
    • Sand content : Max. 50g/ m3



  • Residential potable water supply from deep wells
  • Municipal and industrial waters supply
  • Irrigation and other agricultural applications
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Pressure boosting in high-rise buildings and other applications